St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church

Dayton, Ohio

St. Paul's is a family-friendly, all-in-English parish of the Orthodox Church in America, Diocese of the Midwest. We welcome visitors and inquirers, and look forward to the chance to introduce ourselves to you!


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The Wednesday Morning Discussion Group will meet this Wednesday, April 18, at 11:00 AM. Our discussion is focusing on the liturgical Scripture readings from the lectionary for each weekend. This week we will discuss   Acts 5:21-33, Acts 6:1-7, John 6:14-27 & Mark 15:43-16:8.
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Parish Council meets Wednesday, April 18 at 6:00 PM. As always, any parish member is welcome at the meeting.
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Thy Resurrection O Christ Our Savior, the angels in heaven sing. Enable us on earth to glorify thee in purity of heart!